American Life Under President-Elect Donald J Trump

President Donald J TrumpSo, now we have President-Elect Donald J Trump.

Some believe this is good… some believe this is bad… some actually do not care.

Whatever side you are on, there is nothing that anyone can do about it, because he has been elected by the electoral process, and that is our American system, like it or not.

Now I do not know what kind of President Mr. Trump shall be, but I can surmise, by what he has advocated throughout his campaign, what American life might be like under Mr. Trumps presidency.

I can tell you that life under President-Elect Donald J Trump most likely will require that all Americans become educated and skilled so as to become employable and self-reliant.

You see, not one single American should have to rely on government for their success or well-being, nor should any American depend on any type of ‘care’ from any politician.

American life, according to the Constitution of The United States of America, is in fact about Personal Freedom and Personal Independence. And regardless of who is president, being an American is not easy.

It takes hard work and requires seeking knowledge and then searching out to be part of a team of your choosing, a team commonly known as a JOB.

I honestly believe that the election of Mr. Trump will give every American the opportunity to reach their highest potential, however, every American, as an individual, must take the initiative to prepare and do what is necessary to achieve.

If President-Elect Donald J Trump does what I believe that he will do, which is to create an environment across the country for small businesses to grow and thrive, by eliminating massive and burdensome government regulation, then opportunities for the average man and woman to find good work that pays a good wage will exist.

Imagine, finding a job or a career that pays you enough money for you to save and invest and build a life the way you want, for yourself and your family.

Many businesses will not grow or expand and will not hire because of the massive cost due to Obama Care, government regulation, insurance hikes and high federal taxes.

Mr. Trump has advocated to eliminate or drastically reduce this burden for businesses.

As of today, I will choose to believe him, until he gives me reason not to.

San Antonio, let’s give President-Elect Donald J Trump a chance to create an environment for small businesses to grow.

In the mean time, get educated, perfect your skills, and prepare for your success.