Cowboys Fan Dumped by Her Fiance, VIA TEXT!

No Way to Break-Up with Your Fiance!

It’s one thing to get dumped by your fiance, it’s another thing to get dumped just before Christmas, and yet another to get dumped via a text message.

Imagine that!

Well, Cowboys fan Brenna Clanton from Austin Texas got the better end of the deal.

Apparently her fiance would have never lived up to what a husband should be.

If he cannot break up face-to-face, what do you think he would do when she delivers the news of ‘Honey, I’m pregnant!’, or the car payment is due, or the mortgage has to be paid.

Yeah, Ms. Clanton is better off knowing what kind of guy this dude is now rather than later.

Stay strong Brenna Clanton, someone much better is in your future.

Checkout the video: