Take Consistent Action Towards Your Goal

Ever wonder how the ‘BEST’ become to be the ‘BEST’?

Well, the answer is really quite simple.

Regardless of which profession, whether it is in business, sports, entertainment, and believe it or not, in what is known as the ‘Blue Collar’ job market, the ‘BEST’ become the ‘BEST’ by simply being consistent in their chosen profession.

When I made my first dollar, it was 1979 and I was fourteen years old, working in a little auto body and paint shop that my older brother had set up in the backyard of my Grandmother’s house.

In all sincerity, I did this more out of necessity than desire. In other words, I had to eat.

I worked long hours in the backyard at a job that was hard and dirty, but, the money was good and the money kept me motivated to keep doing it.

Of course, at first I sucked at auto body repair and my older brother, my boss, made sure that I knew it, but it did not take long for him to teach me the right way to do the job and by consistently doing the job right I became damn good at making a busted-up-car look as-good-as-new.

Along the way, I learned just about everything there was to learn about the auto body repair business, and when my brother left to join the Air Force, I continued to operate that little auto body shop that he had set up in the backyard.

I continued working in the auto body repair business for about three years before I went on to pursue a career in the credit and collection business, but that little body shop experience taught me a lot of ‘life lessons’ that I have implemented throughout my life, and I can tell you, that one of the biggest life lessons I had learned was to be consistent.

Regardless of which profession you choose to pursue to fulfill your desires to become financially successful, consistency will be a key element to your success.

Consistency in learning and educating yourself through reading books, seeking out mentors in your field, and actually putting into practice what you have learned, can absolutely make you better at what you do and ultimately the ‘BEST’ of the ‘BEST’ in your profession.

Believe me, I don’t care what it is that you do, washing dishes, busboy, fry cook, washing cars, hauling junk, cutting grass, construction, office work, it does not matter, if you are consistent and learn all that there is about what it is that you do, and if you pay close attention, you will become the ‘BEST’ in your profession, and trust me when I say, when you are the ‘BEST’ in your profession, amazing opportunities will certainly come your way.