Trans-gender Bathroom Issue Coming to Texas – Senate Bill 6

Imagine, you are a woman, a teenage girl, a mother and her young daughter, and you are visiting a public bathroom, taking care of your personal and private business, when all of a sudden, out of no where, a man walks into the same bathroom which you are in, then, the man goes to unzip his pants and exposes himself, under the guise that he is a trans-gender person, and is simply using the bathroom that he ‘feels’ corresponds to him.

Would you, as a female, be frightened, outraged, disgusted?

If this scenario makes you feel sick to your stomach then you should be very supportive of Senate Bill 6, also known as the Texas Privacy Act, because this Bill would prohibit city and county officials from adopting ordinances that prevent private businesses from making rules for their public bathrooms and public dressing rooms located within their establishments.

This ‘trans-gender-bathroom-issue’ is as ridiculous as it gets.

I’m telling y’all, the only way that I see for the City of San Antonio and the State of Texas to remain a City and a State of traditional morals, values, and decency is for Local Citizens of this Great State of Texas, pay close attention, and take note of those politicians who vote against Senate Bill 6, and then, with your powerful vote, when election day arrives, throw… them… out!

Mayor of San Antonio, Ivy Taylor, is a person that may need to be booted because, as she said back in August of 2016, quote;

“I think those of us who have been watching what has been happening in some places across the nation, particularly in North Carolina, we can take a lesson from their loss in economic development and their decline in competitiveness due to some actions their state legislature took.” Mayor Ivy Taylor, San Antonio Texas.

Apparently Mayor Ivy Taylor is afraid to take a stand for traditional Texas values. The Mayor seems to want to sell out San Antonio and its Citizens for the fear of losing money.

As if though any economic loss experienced in San Antonio, due to doing the right thing, cannot be replaced in due course.

The Texas Association of Business released a ‘study’ in December of 2016 that ‘concluded’ that the Texas economy could (could, could, could) take an $8.5 BILLION hit and lose at least 185,000 jobs.

A ‘study’ is nothing more than a ‘theory’, a ‘possibility’, an ‘opinion’.

Well, let me tell you, when the people conducting the so-called ‘study’ begin from a position of fear it is definitely not difficult to ’conclude’ huge economic losses.

The bottom-line is that Texas belongs to the People of Texas and not the politicians, and if Senate Bill 6 is defeated, the People of San Antonio will be forced to adhere to a multitude of abhorrent trans-gender policies, which city and state officials will forcefully jam down our throats.

Pay attention San Antonio and support Senate Bill 6 to protect the privacy of us all.

To learn more, Google: Senate Bill 6 Texas