Vote Republican Keep Your Freedom

American FlagBy the time I was thirteen years of age, both my parents had passed away, and I can tell you that even though it was painful to know Mom and Dad were gone, in retrospect, I was so grateful that my Mother nurtured me and taught me the difference from right and wrong.

My Father, who was a part-time-entrepreneur, worked late into the night at his craft creating beautiful leather goods, and in doing so, he indirectly reflected lessons upon me of the importance of becoming independent.

My parents knew the importance of having a Spiritual Core and that is why they foresaw the importance of sending me through Catholic School and after eight years of Catholic training it was a shock to say the least to attend public school for my last four years in high school.

My Catholic training is very important to me, but most important, my Catholicism is very personal to me.

After my parents had passed away, my Grandmother took over and she drilled into me so many valuable and important lessons.

Many of these lessons would make no sense to me, at least, not until later in my life, when I had experienced life on my own.

One very important lesson I learned from my Grandmother was that living in America would be very tough and that opportunity never comes looking for anyone.

She said to me that if I wanted to succeed in America, then I would have to go out and seek out opportunity, and then, be prepared when I found it.

I took this lesson, among many others, very seriously, and applied it to my life, and as it turns out, she was correct.

I took the time to read many good books when I was young to prepare myself for the unknown opportunities, and then, I associated myself with successful and smart people, and in doing so, I learned so much about living life in America and how to succeed.

Politics never interested me, in fact I thought politics was actually a waste of time and quite boring.

Boy was I ever so wrong about that.

To my surprise, I discovered that Bexar County is a Democrat County, based on the election results in 2016.

Check this out, according to,

Texas voted:

  • 4,681,590 for Donald Trump – Republican and,
  • 3,867,816 for Hillary Clinton – Democrat.

Donald Trump WON the NATIONAL election by 813,774 votes.

However, in Bexar County, the vote went like this:

  • 240,161 for Donald Trump – Republican and,
  • 319,191 for Hillary Clinton – Democrat.

Donald Trump LOST in BEXAR COUNTY by (79,030) votes.

You can see the results on
(click the link below or copy and paste to your browser)

I was told a very long time ago by a very smart man from Philadelphia, that Democrats offer a ‘Hand-Out’ and that Republicans offer you a ‘Hand-Up’.

In other words;

Democrats have a goal to create a government that helps you to run your life in a way that government believes your life should be run by developing onerous programs and legislation.

Republicans have a goal to create a government that is virtually non-existent in your life so that you can then design your life the way you want it to be.

So, which political party is the better party?

Well, I believe that America offers enormous opportunity to live our lives as we wish, and if we, as individuals, have a desire to forge relationships with each other to make a better life, then so be it.

In fact, no one person can be successful on their own, however, no government should make laws or pass legislation that forces anyone to accept the things which they believe to be wrong or dysfunctional within their own life.

The Constitution of The United States of America is a very important document and it solidifies your protection from an overreaching government.

The Constitution must be understood by all San Antonio Citizens, if in fact, as individuals, we wish to control our own lives, and design an American Life which is prosperous and amazing, on our own terms.